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I appreciate my car

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Anyone who knows me has heard me say how much I LOVE my car. My svelt, sexy, white Toyota Prius. But today as I rode 7.5 miles on my bicycle to get to the dentist I found how much I appreciate having a car. It made me think back to the days where horse and buggys served to transport across long distances much faster than walking could. After 15 miles round trip all I was thinking about was getting some food. I hadn't planned the trip well- I coulnd't eat or drink for 30 minutes after my cleaning! It was 12:30 and I had another appontment at 3pm. I relaxed in the shade until 1pm and hit the road. I got home, showered and left my house at 2:55 and managed to park near my second appointment at 3:01. So- I made it just in time.