I appreciate my car

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Anyone who knows me has heard me say how much I LOVE my car. My svelt, sexy, white Toyota Prius. But today as I rode 7.5 miles on my bicycle to get to the dentist I found how much I appreciate having a car. It made me think back to the days where horse and buggys served to transport across long distances much faster than walking could. After 15 miles round trip all I was thinking about was getting some food. I hadn't planned the trip well- I coulnd't eat or drink for 30 minutes after my cleaning! It was 12:30 and I had another appontment at 3pm. I relaxed in the shade until 1pm and hit the road. I got home, showered and left my house at 2:55 and managed to park near my second appointment at 3:01. So- I made it just in time.

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Hey Rae, mine was back in the States (don't actually know if mine is here), but just out of curiosity why do you say this?

Thanks! (you can email it if you wish) :-)

I would love to hear your thoughts, as well. :)

1. When I had questions she actually listened, informed me and then left the decision up to ME.

2. There was no point in time where I was cold, naked and waiting in a paper 'dress'.

She turned the other way when I was undressing and I was only ever half naked at a time. It was nice. She treated me as someone who has a right to have control over my own medical care. I appreciated that and that is something I've never felt in the many (at least 6) different offices I've been to for my lady check ups.

Hmm, as I said, I don't know if midwife is included in my ob/gyn's qualifications, but I've had similar experiences with her. I'm glad you're happy with your doctor! (and I definitely liked my midwife/ob/gyn in Columbus, too)