Shaun of the Dead

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We watched Shaun of the Dead. I know you're wondering why the little girl who got nightmares from Who Framed Roger Rabbit would think as an adult that she could handle a spoof of Dawn of the Dead. Well I got lured in by the love interest. The first 1/2 hour lead me to believe that the movie was more of a social commentary- as in people are living their lives like zombies...but no. The real zombies came along with blood and gore. Oh- it was hilarious. I actually fell asleep laughing...

but in the back of my brain lurked the images of goulish zombies.

I am also reading a historical novel about the 1893 World'sFair- which is when Americans were first introduced to those Cracker Jacks my father remembers so fondly. Devil in the White City also tells the story of the killer who designed his own building to lure female workers and residents. He built in what I believe will be gas chambers and a chute for permenant waste storage. The last thing I read before sleeping was about a famous Jack the Ripper killing that was in the news at the time (gross!)

Now, dear readers, imagine the dreams I might be having. They were in fact rather peaceful. A sudden though expected storm came in around 11:30. At the first sound of thunder and sight of lightening I awoke to my own voice screaming bloody murder. I was on Eric's side of the bed clinging to his arm. Luckily he has a good sense of humor and was VERY kind and underestanding.

"I think perhaps, that we should stay away from the fake scary movies," I said as I tried to calm my ferocious beating heart.

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Well, Rae, this is definitely something we have in common in spades.

In fact, I am awake right now because I just woke up from a dream in which Nathan was shot in the chest (don't worry, he's in the hospital recovering in Dreamland). Why? Because in my dream, people were playing a 'to the death' game. I was, too, but with different people. I had just called a ceasefire with the enemy, and we were happy to have all gotten out alive when one of my team members decided that wasn't enough and shot the leader of the other team in the chest. I did the whole CPR routine, he awoke, and I carried him to the hospital nearby. He is also recovering - but clearly, I couldn't take anymore. So here I sit. Very, very awake.

However, I am not currently reading any horror books and the last thing I watched was a documentary on child prodigies from Canada who play the violin. (Minor Keys) Oh, but I did take migraine meds before going to sleep - yeah, that's probably what did it.

I Loved Shaun of the Dead! I thought it was so funny. I thought I wasn't going to like it, but I did.

And I dreamt last night that Alana was 8+ months pregnant -- and the size of a four-year old! And no one had prepared her for childbirth! When I woke up, I remembered that in Jungian theory, one is every part of the dream. I thought about it, and realized that we do prepare people for all sorts of transitions, but not all of them.

I had horrible dreams in the early morning of the 24th as well!

I dreamt that there was a mine and in it someone had found something mysterious and X-Files-ey and they asked me to come investigate.

I went down into the mine with a bunch of people and we discovered the CIA were there first. As just a point of interest, the CIA all used white MacBooks and ran OS X. Anyway, the CIA had unleashed Doom-style Hell on Earth and I was fighting these monsters that threw huge boulders and there were people who were slowly converting into demons - but were willing to trade items they had found until they became completely converted. There were all different kinds - some who looked more dog-like with each passing day and some who wore gas-mask like things and looked scaley.

I traded information and military tactics and helped to keep them all on a path that led to unity and getting along with other slowly mutating humans while we fought off the demons from Hell and rogue CIA troops who were trying to regain control of the mine (and the alien technology - and the MacBooks, which were still connected to the Internet and had iSights, but I had hardened them using my computer hacking SKILZ and they were impenetrable).

Then I realized that I was turning into a demon - and the other slowly turning people were looking to me to make decisions and I was keeping both humans and full demons at bay in this mine and I thought..."How did it ever get this far?" and woke up.

Ingrida had a bad dream, too, but she couldn't remember it.

Nae, I was going to tell you that you are playing too many games, and then I reread my bad dream, hahaha!

Mark always says that if a character uses a Mac in a show, they are good guys :-)