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Hi! This is Nathan.

I promised Rachael I'd post some pictures for her. These are the pictures from when she was bicycling through Pennsylvania.

PA Dutch 049.jpg

PA Dutch 050.jpg

PA Dutch 051.jpg

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My, what beautiful green you are living in. . . (meant to sound like Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother).

I can tell you're, like, trying to smile for the photo, but you're just a bit tired of the whole wooden pedal thing :-)

Do you have sunglasses you can clip on to your glasses?

I wore my sunglasses- but I took them off at the end of the trip. The smile is genuine because by then the whole situation was totally hilarious. The photo is post pizza- meaning I'd eaten and become half human again after a totally grueling day. I spent most of my time riding the bike behind me that had the gear strapped onto it. It is really hard to haul gear when you aren't used to it, especially on a boys mountain bike. The hill in the background of the first picture is a hill we ascended.

Ah, okay, you're just satisfied and tired :-)

I got a new bike recently and I hate hills that are steep. Oooh they are so ridiculously hard to peddle up. I have to learn how to use my 21 gears better. Still I ride about 6-11 miles at a time when I go out for a jaunt in the neighborhood. It really isn't too bad doing 10 or 11 miles tho' my butt gets a bit sore sometimes. I've tried raising the seat to get different experiences. I always end up back where I started. I haven't tried tipping the seat forward yet. Any advice anyone? I have a Schwinn Skyliner cruiser. It's kind of a street version of a mountain cruiser bike. But it's really not meant for mountain biking rigors.
I imagine seeing Americana on a bike is pretty enjoyable. You're really right there on the road when you see stuff....KEWL. I have no idea where you sleep each night tho'. Hmmmmmm.........