The Peg, or The Broken Pedal

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On day three I was anticipating many terrible hills because we were returning to Elizabethtown and basically we would have to go over much of the same hilly terain as we did on our way out of Elizabethtown, PA. Let me tell you just a little about these hills. I'm sure you're all well aware of the fact that PA is mountainous- but I will attach a photo that has a hill in the background(my pic is too big, ou'll have to request by e-mail). It is THE conquered hill. We went up and up and up. Eric's bike has a computer. He said the we were goin up hill for two full miles. This trip- and that hill specifically- has become the acomplishment in my life thus far. That may sound absurd- but it's true!

So, I'm anticipating a rough day- but what happened was unbelievable. I was riding when I noticed the sensation that the right pedal was pushing back against my foot. I thought I was imagining things until I could see that not only was my pedal out of sync, it was coming out. The boys had fun trying to fix it. We went back 1/3 mile to an antique/junk shop. THe guy said we could have a biuke for $10. But the problem with the bpedal was that the inside threads were completely worn. SO that didn't work out. Jason rigged a piece of wood with a washer and screw on the other side. THat lasted about 20 feet. In the end we tried many things- but the most successful was tying the wooden peg on with some string. Eric hauled ass to the Car and Jason and I went on to the next town. WIth Jason riding my bike (w/ only one pedal) and me riding Jason's loaded bike we only waited about two hours for Eric to meet up with us. To our great disappoinment everything was closed early for memorial day. We ordered a big as pizza with extra dough. I usually can't stand pizza after biking but this pizza hit the spot.

My bike is still in the shop which is too bad cause the weather is perfect for riding. On the up side our house is much cleaner than it has been in months because I haven't been sick or biking on the weekend.

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I'd like to see the picture.

I'd like to see the picture too:) By the way, Trader Joe's honey sesame almonds = Awesome!

I am glad you weren't hurt trying to ride an apedalled cylette! Also happy you hubby can haul _ _ _, as as yousay back to the car to assist you. And equally happy a pizza place was open for you to spend your unearned time out in some pleasure. Memories are made of such stuff. We all have many. Keep on biking. A two mile hill huh? The more the harrier!

Hey Rae, I'm sorry that I forgot to post it yesterday. Happy Anniversary:)

Hey, Rae! If send me that picture I'll shrink it down and put it on your blog!