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Urban Snow Driving

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In stealing from a conversation I had last night- Take everythign you know about urban driving, then make it ten times more difficult and you've got urban snow driving. It's true. One of the biggest problems is that everyone parks on the street. SO- plows can't plow too much or it becomes impossible to pull in or out of a parking spot. That means that about half the road gets plowed. This is normally acceptable because snow doesn't last here for very long. The reason I've had three snow days in a row (HOLY CRAP- I don't think I ever even had that Ohio!)is because the snow wasn't really snow- it was a mix od sleet and snow. We got about 2 or 3 inches. maybe 4. My yard looks like it has been frosted. The only disturbance is where a man cut through our yard. This was before everything froze. If I jumped onto what used to be grass, I'd either fall or break the ice. It's crazy.

But tomorrow there is hope - tempatures above freezing. Unfortunately this will be followed by snow in the evening- hopefully it won't stick.

Amidst all of this ice we are moving. I am moving. I have spent the last two snow days carting stuck to and fro - it's killing my gas mileage because it's only 1 mile away. My car doesn't get time to warm up. It's also uphjll both ways (true story).

The fun of it all is that our new house is at the end of a dead end road that is narrow adn covered in ice. SO is our new driveway. Thank goodness for who ever came and shoveled or walkway. The move would otherwise be awful. I'm becoming a pro at driving on ice. I'm very thankful that my neighbors are at work - and their cars are not parked on the street.