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Spring Break

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My brother Mendon came out for my spring break. We did a 35 mile overnight biking trip. Our bums were(are- well, his is) sore, and we ran into another pedal incident! This time Mensch's pedal busted while going over the top of a cement bump/hill. It got smashed intot the cement. Luckily we were close to Georgetown- so we hopped on the metro to get back home. Otherwise our trip would have been 40 miles.
The trip itself was beautiful. We encountered a beaver, my good friend Rain...which was welcome as it dispersed the noisy, drunken teeneagers from the camp grounds- though not before they knocked over two port o pottys. We were protected in our tent. The view of the falls (Great Falls) was beautiful. After the rain the Herons made themselves visible.
When we camped Mendon got a fire going and it was a fantastic. We made smores:)
Later in th week we went to the cherry blossom festival (it's a good thing too! weather shortly thereafter knocked off all the blossoms) and then went to a class on 17th century English country dancing.

My nephew Liam was born over break, and my Grandfather passed away. Today- it snowed here in D.C. It has been quite a week.