Multi tasking

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There's only so much multitaksing a person can do before one or all of the tasks come to a screeching halt - or really the realization that in the end a little bit of nothing will be accomplished.

So, as I'm sipping my double bergomot earl grey, eating organic mac and cheese, considering what to wear to my mother's live debut on the discovery channel...I turn off the dual screen and decided to actually type my blog. You'd think it was a trade off- one mechanincal toy for another. But really I was considering my blog entry all along. Specifically concerning multitasking. I was wandering into the possibility that women are made to be better multi taskers than men- simply by genetic necessity of long ago. Is it genetic? I wondered. Thinking that I had read that somewhere. But perhaps it is in fact learned / experiential, much like upper arm strength.
And the truth is, that as I type about gender blah blah blah, I realize I don't care. I am sitting here sensing the slowly migration of my macaroni bowl towards the floor, and yet what draws me the most is what I'm going to wear for my (mother's) debut on television. And don't forget the tea. It's fucking good tea. (Okay- this is an obscure it is for everyone because I think even Mendon won't have it without a bit of rope. I'm considering what kind of audience the show will have- silent or audible. Then I'm thinking of the annoying laugh track on the incredibly hilarious Canadian comedy Kids in the Hall, which leads to my favorite episode in which fine ham abounds- or as the teenage son says "It's fucking good ham" - and then I remember my fine cup of tea).
Mendon says, and Eric and Nate would probably agree, that talking to me is like expreiencing live stream of conciousness. I try to be more excplicit- because it's my job, and because other people get tired of filtering the nonsense - sifting for meaning.

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Rae, talking to you is like reading a James Joyce novel while high. It's less stream of conscious and more stream of sub-conscious.

Your sub-conscious is so powerful that you know things before you know you know them, and sometimes aren't sure how. When I think of your instincts, I think: "These are fucking good instincts."

You make snap decisions better than just about anyone I know. Since the vast overwhelming majority of decisions have to be made quickly, that means all you need to do is let yourself do it. I'm not saying you can't plan, or can't think long term - because you can and do - but your subconscious is so powerful that it must sometimes seem like it's just easier to not think about it and let it work itself out - i.e. let your sub-conscious do all the work.

I feel like having a conversation with you is like primal dancing in a pre-historic jungle.

You're more spirit guide than teacher, best with a group of no more than five, preferably hand-picked, and you want to prepare them for everything they'll need in life, not just a cirriculum dictated by a paralytic state.

Thanks Nate. I think what you say is true.

Funny, Maman & I were just saying the same thing. Amen and well put, Na(t?)e!