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I turned in my resignation today. I haven't been working very hard to find a new job- though I have updated my resume and e-mailed it to a handful of principals in schools where I feel confident I would like to teach. I am in quite the opposite position as my younger brother- who will retch upon reading this entry- as he is in search of a job, possibly any job. I have decided that I have plenty of time to figure out where I want to teach and what grade. If I end up susbbing for a year- I'd get some really great data. I'll keep looking for a full time position over the summer- but I'm not running around like a chicken wiht its head cut off. I'm feeling pretty calm and secure in my decision and also very happy that I am making a choice that will help insure not only a good job- but sanity in the way I approach finding that job. I'm able to do so becaue I can fall back on subbing...and my husband, who has for so many years supported my teaching habit.

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"so many years"
Like you are an old married lady. You make me laugh. I love you!
Thanks for the chuckle.

I like your experimental approach, Rae-rae.

It's a school system bake off; write down your requirements, determine your success criteria, test each place as you work there to determine if it meets your requirements, then start aggressively trying to get jobs at the ones you like most.

That's a great way to find a job.

Blech! Well, there goes some perfectly good ginger snaps. Thanks Rae! so much for a bedtime snack.