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Harper's Ferry

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Yesterday Christopher and I drove an hour and a half to West Virginia to visit the home of Civil War battles and John Brown's attempt to cause/lead insurrection and create a new government for our nation.

I drive past signs for Harper's Ferry every time I drive to or from Ohio. I also pass Harper's Ferry when I bike the C & O Canal. I've seen the town once before and thought it was worth returning to, and it was. After a few hours in town we set off on the Canal Trail - which is the spot where the canal and the appalachian trail meet- and head 6 miles down the canal to a small town called Brunswick. We were headed towards Beans in the Belfry, a cafe in an old church. The path was pretty flat, but along the way there were two miles of path strewn with debris and large trees. There was one spot where several trees fell down next to each other- and we crawled through about 4 yards of tree.
When we got to town I exchanged some Spanish with two locals in order to find the cafe (we've always gone to a small diner close to the edge of town). The cafe was just around the corner and was very neat.

Going home we had a poison ivy scare - but I think the guys was wrong (maybe..there was a fair amount of poison ivy along the edge of the road). Only time will tell:)

We saw a lot of wild life. A grown frog the size of my finger nail, a large injured orange moth, a baby bat, a baby bunny, a baby deer, and several friendly butterflies that fluttered throughout our entire visit.

It was a rough march home, and by the time we got back into town the buses to the parking lot weren't running any longer -luckily some friendly visitors drove us those three miles. We finally got home around 9pm - making it an eleven hour adventure. I felt lucky to have someone with me who thought it was fun too.

While He's Biking

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I am watching chic flicks and TV shows rented via Netflix and GamesNFlix. So far I've only seen two. The family stone (yuck) and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, which was a pleasant suprise. I've been enjoying reading the Sunday paper, and I'm hoping to get all my teacher stuff in order (as well as get a job:) Maybe I'll get some sewing or painting in this summer. I'm really enjoying all of the time I have to read.

I've also been spending time travelling. The travel is fantastic, but it makes the time alone at home all the harder.

Cross Country

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If you are interested in following the bike trip from Seattle to Rhode Island these are the blogs the guys will update if and when possible. There is already a bit of information there. Eric's blog has information about the route they are taking. The adventure begins Saturday, 7-7-07