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If you are interested in following the bike trip from Seattle to Rhode Island these are the blogs the guys will update if and when possible. There is already a bit of information there. Eric's blog has information about the route they are taking. The adventure begins Saturday, 7-7-07

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Hi Rae,
I finally got around to reading Eric's biking blog. (At least the guys aren't home yet!) I am SOOOOO IMPRESSED!!!! From the minute I found out what he was doing I thought it was absolutely GREAT! He's young, strong and I'm happy he's smart enough to take the time to do this. I'm with him in my daydreams. Tell him that Aunt Cindy is very proud of him and telling all her friends about this marvelous feat! (I did not know how to comment on his blog- so I'm writing to you - I'm so dumb)
Ev bought city bikes for Alana and John, and Jamal bought himself a mountain bike and has started to do some off trail riding. This fall we plan on going to Columbus a few times for some family biking days. Of course I only plan to go about 15 miles but it'll be fun. Someday I dream of touring England on my bike. Of course it'll be an old folks trip where we bike from b & b to b&b with a van taking our luggage!
I also noticed that you look like you're in very good shape lately. Due no doubt to your biking.

Aunt Cindy