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Pursuit of Happiness

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A lot has been going on in my life. And this weekend I am going to forget it all as I bike with a friend on the C & O Canal. That's the lovely thing about biking. You are forced to live only in the here and now. It will be bliss, even when it rains. I would say if...but I have a history. When I come back I intend to go to an employment agency and find a job to tide me over for a year.


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Today I've had one of those super effecient days, and it's only 9:47 am. Last night I felt compelled to stay awake to defeat the evil dragon and move forward in my quest for the crystal stars... In other words, I stayed up until 3 am playing Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.

I magically woke up at 8:30 am in time to take out the garbage and recycling, roll up my car windows before it rained, called Dr. A to get an appointment and Dr. B to ask about test results, and call my mother. Now I'm off to search for a job, and to consider how to get that necklace back so that I can continue my endeavors to break into the Great Boggly Tree.