week two is over

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I've been working in a DC public school for two weeks now- acting as an administrator and teacher in an after school program through a non profit organization.

Today was the second day in a row we couldn't take the children outside because of a shooting incident. Frankly, I wonder if any other day is safe?

I've started driving my car into DC, which cuts my commute int 1/3 of the previous travel time, which helps me be sane...er.

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I think I feel better now that you are driving. I was feeling a little worried about your walking to the subway after dark. It may not be dark now when you get out of work, but it won't be long til it is. Be safe. I love you.

Maybe ask Chris or Paul if they have a bullet-proof vest that they could lend you? I doubt they'd pass up the opportunity to show you their collection(s) of doomsday paraphernalia :-)

Seriously now, be careful!

Lots of love,