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7 things you might not have known

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Okay, so... did I mention that raising babies- even part time- is exhausting?! I haven't been blogging because I am pretty tired at the end of the day. Today we went all out and made sugar cookies. I burnt the first batch very badly as the old electric oven's thermometer is slightly unreliable and I have yet to locate a timer in the home.

My sister has 'tagged' me, which means I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself that people might not know. I so rarely shut up or keep secrets... so I'm not sure any of this will be shocking news.

1. As a child I liked the salty flavor of play dough and bugars.

2. I am growing out my hair to donate it to locks of love.

3. My hands are gigantic.

4. I LOVE repetition.

5.I like to eat uncooked bread dough. As a child I always begged my mum to slice off a bit of the dough. She often did. One time, she didn't. And she made this gorgeous braided loaf, then left and let it rise. I was awfully tempted, and awful. I took a bite right out of that beautiful braided dough.

6. I boycotted shaving for one month while attending Ursuline college. It was an all girls school and it made me sad that no one didn't shave. I wore tank tops. I like it when my pit hair is grown out.

7. My cholesterol is 247. My bad cholesterol is 147 compared to my good cholesterol which is 98.