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I recently learned

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I may be allergic to clams

my mother's liver is failing

there was a third thing, but I can't remember and it's irrelevant

My memory and decision making skills are crap under duress.


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three hour commute to work
bad traffic day
snow starts falling

Leave work to pick up babe in toyland
three inches of snow
on the hilly road
taxi swerving in the valley
breaks don't respond
stearing downhill
swerve to avoid crash
stuck in a ditch
also sticking out on the road

people stop and offer help
insurance card is in my stolen wallet
not in my car

baby crying
other cars sliding around
shit- that truck is huge
van stops mid hill to offer help
gets stuck
hits me

no damgage
to car or people

snow plow coming down opposite hill
facing me
loses control
gets back on the road
passes me slightly
is uphill behind us
loses control
slides backwards

grab baby
run into woods

plow is huge
regains control
dumps salt
moves on

neighbor invites us in
no one is hurt
car is towed out

drive up the hill
into the drive way
get stuck
boss mom pushes my car to get up the hill


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Today we had some pretty serious winds. In fact they continue as I type. Trees are tapping ion the windows, gusts are audible indoors.

The power was out for four hours today while I was at work. Outside of TV I never realized how much electricity is used while caring for kiddos. To be fair- the water is well water, and fuel for stove is electric in the home in which I work - so we had Nothing (i.e. were saving water in case the outage extended beyond one day).

The biggest issue was water. The second biggest was not knowing what time it was. It went pretty smoothly- but I wouldn't want to travel back in time and raise kids without some of the modern items that make modern life easier.