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Today we had some pretty serious winds. In fact they continue as I type. Trees are tapping ion the windows, gusts are audible indoors.

The power was out for four hours today while I was at work. Outside of TV I never realized how much electricity is used while caring for kiddos. To be fair- the water is well water, and fuel for stove is electric in the home in which I work - so we had Nothing (i.e. were saving water in case the outage extended beyond one day).

The biggest issue was water. The second biggest was not knowing what time it was. It went pretty smoothly- but I wouldn't want to travel back in time and raise kids without some of the modern items that make modern life easier.

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A few months back we had no electricity for about 7 hours. It was freaky. I didn't realize the phones were tied to the electricity - and stopped functioning immediately once the elec. was out. And our neighbors were the same. Mark had the cell - I could call no one. I'm glad we know so many of our neighbors.

Modern conveniences? Like a watch?

Our power was out yesterday evening for 3 hours. Glad it came on cuz it was gettin pretty cold. It is a shock to realize that EVERYTHING I do uses electricity. I couldn't even make a cup of tea - well actually I could - Ev had a small camp stove in his backpack. Of course just as the water was about to boil the electricity came back on.

We lost it a few years ago for an entire day when that Niagara Power Grid thing went out. That was actually fun because it was summer. A beautiful evening and Alana and I read by candlelight.