Lake Woebegone

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My mother would drive us around and we'd listen
to what ever show was on NPR. There were three
shows that most commonly came up - because of
the tendency to be travelling by car on the weekends.
We most often listened to Whaddaya Know w/ Michael
Feldman, Car Talk , and A Prairie Home Companion.

I have, as an adult, gravitated to these familiar shows.
And now, I've got tickets to go to a live performance of
A Prairie Home Companion. I'm looking forward to this
day. I'm planning to bring a picnic dinner while we sit on
the lawn and I will bask in memmories of my mother.

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What a wonderful memory.....should be fun too!

I know that jealousy isn't the most becoming of reactions to such a post, but it sounds like that will be so, so much fun. :) Have you seen the Prairie Home Companion movie?

Indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it.