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I am leaving for Argentina Sunday afternoon. I will be spending a few weeks with family in Corrientes, and some time with family friends in and near Buenos Aires. I return July 29th. My ability to blog while travelling may be limited. I will report when I return. Adios amigos!

deep fried pie

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We had some really old bananas, and I picked up sour cherries at the farmers market. I spent the afternoon baking banana muffins and and sour cherry peach pie. Whith all of my recipes packed I looked up a pie crust recipe. The best one I found was a single layer recipe - so I doubled it. Only, when I doubled it I didn't pay close attention the the units of measurement for the butter. What should have been 1/2 cup of butter was read as 1/2 pound of butter resulting in a quadrupling of the butter! The crust was so mushy I had to use handfulls of flour to roll it out. As the pie was baking I saw the puddles of butter and realized my error. It was very delicious, though too rich for my blood.