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We have moved into our new home. I'm spending my time e-mailing and visiting schools in the hopes of substituting my way into a teaching position. The people here have been so friendly - both on the street and in the schools I've visited- I had forgotten that people are good (in general); I suppose that's not suprising considering my recent history with teaching and my run in with theives in Argentina. I miss D.C. - Alexandria really- the farmers markets, downtown, biking the GW Parkway trail, and most importantly all of my friends - my DC family.

I have made some friends here, we have a built in social network through Eric's department. Plus Alana is here and My cousins are nearby as well. I am significantly closer to my dad and sister.
The town has character and I like it. It seems that I will be able to substitute close to home easily - and hopefully often.

From my back windows - in the reading room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room I have a view of the funeral home next door. I see the families dressed in sombre attire, the hearse, the parade of cars with flags, the street parking meters covered - reserved for the funeral. They seem to host a funeral every few days. Infrequently enough that I am not overwhelmed by death in Pittsburgh. Often enough for death to remain my companion. I am drawn to the funeral home. But what would I say? I've thought it over many times but don't get any farther than "My mother died in January..." I want to crash a funeral - What do other funerals look like? How do other people grieve? Who is dying , and why? The question that haunts me "Why am I dying?" And the pragmatic answer that haunts me too, "You have cancer." Haunts me because it is true, and yet a meaningless answer.

On the plus side I can sleep with my closet door open these days . This is progress.

Twilight Zone

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I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am simply buying a house, and I feel like any minute now the folks from candid camera are going to come out from around the corner and say "Smile, you're on candid camera!"

First our loan fell through at the last minute(4 days before closing). We found a new lender and are renting until we close - theoretically next Friday. Today we got a call saying our second round of earnest money had been lost in the mail... Everything has been resolved but- wow!

So - Eric and I are off tonight to see a Pirates game and then we'll be biking along the C & O canal up through the allegheny passage. It will be lovely to get away from humanity for a bit. Next time you hear from me I will be a home owner... if everything happens properly...