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Apple Picking

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Some of the EPP* gals and I went apple picking on a farm South of the city. We picked Jonagold and Empire apples. I made applesauce and an apple pie with a whole wheat crust. We used my mother's canning supplies to preserve some peaches from the farm, which we made into peach butter and peach jam . It was a lovely weekend activity.

*Engineering and Public Policy

Still Searching

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I recieved a note from the Common Pleas Court today that our newly owned home will be reassessed for taxes - of course. And it is strongly recommended that we go to the hearing. What a strange state I live in.

This letter inspired me to do some more job searching. My favorite source- Craigslist- supplied me with hours of sorting and e-mailing. I think I will be able to get in on some well paid (this is relative) tutoring and a private school that pays subs better than the one I have been working for of late.

It is hard to wait long enough to allow the substituting to push me into a full time position. I still need a second medical form attesting to my good health before I can work in the puublic schools.

After a deep search into the working world I cleaned up a space in the basement and drew a picture of my mother from a photo. Soon I will begin to paint. It is not fabulous - but I think it is recognizeably a photo of Stephanie. The really hard part will come in getting the lighting right. Well - the next hard part. The drawing was also difficult. Especially the facial features.