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I recieved a note from the Common Pleas Court today that our newly owned home will be reassessed for taxes - of course. And it is strongly recommended that we go to the hearing. What a strange state I live in.

This letter inspired me to do some more job searching. My favorite source- Craigslist- supplied me with hours of sorting and e-mailing. I think I will be able to get in on some well paid (this is relative) tutoring and a private school that pays subs better than the one I have been working for of late.

It is hard to wait long enough to allow the substituting to push me into a full time position. I still need a second medical form attesting to my good health before I can work in the puublic schools.

After a deep search into the working world I cleaned up a space in the basement and drew a picture of my mother from a photo. Soon I will begin to paint. It is not fabulous - but I think it is recognizeably a photo of Stephanie. The really hard part will come in getting the lighting right. Well - the next hard part. The drawing was also difficult. Especially the facial features.

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It's possible your taxes would be reduced if house prices are falling where you are. Here's an article with some information on appealing which might be helpful during the hearing. Good luck with the continued job search, and i can't wait to hear more about the painting! Thinking of you :) {{{{ hug }}}}

Yes that was a weird e-mail. I look forward to doing some painting of Mommy myself in a bit. Not just yet. I am still consoling myself I guess. Probably for a while to come too.

Drawing was hard - especially making Mama's face. It was like when you look at a photo too long and it starts to look like the photo is looking back. It took a lot not to get up and walk away, to keep trying - erasing and fixing the laugh lines. I think maybe next time I'll go more abstract. That's always been my forte and preference anyway.