October 2008 Archives

These lines of a They Might Be Giants Song have been running through my head all afternoon. In my mother’s last years music would creep into my mother’s subconscious. The popular song would crawl out of her subcranial terrain and enter into her conscious world. She would find herself humming a tune and realize/create a greater meaning in connection with her life at that moment.
I’m feeling that way today, too – and I can’t decide if this particular ditty is refreshingly honest, and fun- or just totally depressing.

I have – of late – been obsessed with a computer simulation game. Mendon can attest to this- I’ve been playing it every time he calls for the last couple of weeks. I am a farmer. In the game the farm gal loses stamina faster when completing tasks if she hasn’t gotten good rest the night before. I came home from work and tried my hand at an afternoon siesta. I don't expect sympathy - but rising at 6:30 has never been natural for me. I was in great need of rest. As I lay in bed thinking about my farmer gal I realized that my life was just like the game. I wanted to go and get stuff done- but if I kept going I would lose stamina faster… and get much less accomplished. It’s weird when life imitates video games. Frankly – it means I’ve been playing so long that the game has become my dominant concept of thought.