Create a charming piece of snail mail to family member.

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I remember when my sister Mara went off to college. My mother sent her fun little post cards. The one that stands out the most was shaped like an actually shaped like a snail in it's shell. It was awesome.
When I started as a teacher I got a really awesome letter from Ms. Frizzle and Liz (think the Magi School Bus Series). She sent me a pair of pants that teachers like the Frizz might wear when teaching about fish, and a fabulous letter with many phrases often found in the books. It was inspirational and charming.

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Yes snail mail is incredible. I miss it these past years. I will try to renew this communication...

The snail was sent to Guadeloupe. Could you send me the calendar please?

I'm on schedule as I had a pear this morning and made a healthy meal for lunch(talapia with corn, onions,grilled pasta and filtered water), and said favorite prayers of hers over her grave.
The calendar is awesome Rae. Thank too for it.....This has been the loneliest and saddest year for me....this will help me remember more wonders about Mama....

I'm so behind! I do love the calendar. Some friends of mine have suggested to me that we (that includes whoever is interested) have a bonfire at their place on the day Maman died (here in Columbus). I thought that was pretty cool.

I am taking the day off. If weather permits I'm interested.