Painting, Edith, and a healthy* homecooked meal

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I am so ragged these days. Worn thin. But I have realized how so much of what my Mama embodied has been ingrained in my brain to the point that all this stuff on the calendar for honoring my mother's memory is stuff I do without thinking. It's almost like breathing. I painted a snail mail post card that should arrive at its destination soon.
Yesterday I made a pizza (added to a frozen pepperoni and sausage pizza) and put on jalapenos, onions, sharp cheddar and Romano. It reminded me of our Friday evening tradition of making pizza from scratch. I included my participation in that tradition on my application to work at Papa John's. I have no idea if it was a deciding factor - but I got the job...
I've also cooked a meal recently that was not only well rounded, but varied and balanced in color as well.

So- some day I'll get all my work done right away (insert sheepish grin here). In the mean time we are planning a 'snow picture walk' of the town- to take pictures at night of nearby churches and cool buildings while the snow falls.

I've added the Edith Piaf movie - La Vie En Rose to my netflix list.
I have gingersnaps in the cupboard for Tuesday- but they will pobably be enjoyed with tea all weekend long.

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Interestingly, I do things the way Mommy did just to do them the way she did. It is natural to do so and I always think very fondly of her while doing them. Buying fruit that is in season only. Not just getting stuff that is stored somewhere so we can have it all year. Looking through items as if Ayyam-i-ha was next week and thinking of our children specifically while looking. Of course, I can no longer ask her if this would be good for Mendon or Mara or one the others. Cutting a pear like she did each morning she ate one. Drinking tea out of her snowman mug(Though I cannot wait as long as she. I need my hot drinks to be hot. Well, you get the idea. In time it may even become my "natural" to do these things. Happy remembering.

I always thought Ma drank her tea way too hot. I think that youngins are more sensitive to heat. Now I like my tea a little hotter than I used to.