Death to the Blogoshpere

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Our father is blogging more often than we children. This is new. The tide is coming in and overtaking some of us I think. Perhaps Papa has learned to surf. I'm snorkeling along the shore as the waves hit overhead, and I suppose once all the interesting shellfish have been seen and reported on, I'll come up for some sunbathing.

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Yes, when I blog, the blogosphere dissipates to other venues I think. Perhaps you guys feel guilty, or something, blogging knowing I will read it and respond. "Sergeant Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band, sit back and just enjoy the show. "
I spent three days with Mara and Liam and Mark. I had to leave sort of abruptly today as I have a tight work schedule the next two days and will need my beauty rest to be ready for my patients.Goodbye to Mark( I left him dealing with Liam at the back door). Still, I enjoyed my grandson very much. No limits to my love for his precociousness. Thank God for spell check. Mara is regaining her strength of body and spirit. She has tenderness and looks stiff when she bends over to do stuff. She isn't supposed to pick up Liam for a few more days, or go driving. We watched movies on the third floor, went shopping and I got to participate in taking Liam to his "first" professional haircut. He did superbly by the way. To know Liam is to want one! Liam is a jogger. You can ask Mara about that. He did oh about half a mile just running without stopping when I went out with him on Thursday for our third walk of the day. Took him to Panera for a cookie and coffee for me. He just loved sitting by their fireplace and watching the people just walk by. Me too! I've been a people watcher ever since I worked in downtown Cleveland. So many characters.

Papa, thank you SOOO much for coming down. Liam had the time of his life, it enabled Mark to keep working and myself to heal.

As for blogging, I wish I could do it more often but unfortunately Liam doesn't afford me much time. :-(

Perhaps when you have healed you will have more energy and begin to take back control of you own life too Mara. You do need to do things just for you sometimes too. Mommy always asked me to take all four of you for a couple of days or more so she could do things with the "girls" or go to a conference. It will work out fine. ...and he will survive it. I know he was worried for you with your surgery. It is just who he is that told me so. The way he reacted to you in your bed and at night. He needs so much to be loved to sleep. See you all soon.

Hey, Rae!

Thanks for the kick up the backside. Regular postings are resuming.

I've got a restaurant review up.

- Nae