End of the year

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My town is having an interesting year- Superbowl, the Stanley Cup and the G-20.
The school year is coming to a close and I am picking up knitting (again) - and this time I think it will stick, if I keep doing it fairly often. I've become a pro at casting on (in my eyes anyhow) and am focusing on keeping the number of rows, and the tension constant. Then I will begin making socks.

Between knitting, family events, and dreams, I've been thinking of my mother a bit more often these days.

I've got a number of biking adventures coming up, including friends and family. I've been reading like mad to keep up with my students, and there will be a grading frenzy as I prepare to grade finals and all the late work students turn in at the last minute. Work can still be a source of frustration, but is much more often a source of joy or accomplishment. My mother would have enjoyed watching my progression through this year.

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For socks, silvers sock class is awesome, just google it and you get a free lesson on how :-)

Thanks. Now I just have to get the hang of pearling (purling?).