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As I sat in a bar and watched the final game for the Stanley Cup the primitive nature of sports crept into my mind. There is a very clear us and them mentality based on home towns. I considered the wars of long long ago, fought out by only two men- the best warrior from each side. While riots often follow big games, I can't help pondering what our world would look like if we fought our battles out in sports arenas. I suppose that's too much pressure to put on athletes.

I have come to enjoy the sense of community found upon entering a bar during a big game. Every cheers, claps, or groans in disappointment as a group. Some bars are smokier than others, so after the first period I headed over to a nearby friend to watch the rest of the game. As I was riding, another goal was made- and I could hear the entire city ecstaticly cheering. It was a thrilling moment that was, perhaps, far better than watching the goal beign made.

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Well you have two championship teams in the same year in your town:WOW !!! Alucky circumstance. I bet everyone there is quite chuffed....I know I am proud of those Steelers as well as the PENGUINS.
I hope you fellow citizenry is feeling really good about themselves and "Their City" now.