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Do I Celebrate Christmas?

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There is a part of me that relishes being different. As a child I celebrated Christmas at my Grandparents house, two presents per kid, and I participated in holiday gift exchanges in elementary school. But I always knew that this was not 'my' holiday. We didn't exchange gifts among my immediate family, or decorate at all. Christmas was 'other' people's holiday & I scorned the the stores that started playing Christmas music & selling decorations as early as November 1st.

Now- I tell my students that I don't celebrate Christmas. But I'm not sure that's true anymore. I have my grandmother's tree and decorations which I put up as early as I can get away with. I I have a number of holiday records (& the nutcracker ballet) to listen to on my record player. I exchange gifts with my husband's family and send out Holiday cards.

I guess I can't really say I don't celebrate Christmas anymore. I certainly don't on a spiritual level, but as an American consumer I definitely do. I think this holiday will always feel 'other' to me. Perhaps I should say I celebrate christmas (with a lowercase c for capitalism) rather than Christmas.

Christmas blues

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I think I might be able to imagine what it feels like for those millions of American children who open their mountain of presents and within hours feels sad because this glutton of gifts won't be seen again for an entire year. We just finished watching the last six episodes of last years season of 30 Rock. We've consumed last season's The Office as well. I feel just a little sad that I will have to wait almost an entire year to see the current season to come out on DVD.