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My mother died three years ago today. Today was also the day I first heard my baby's heartbeat. When we finally found the heart beat, I was elated. I could hear this tiny rapid heart beating within me. I think it is lovely that I have something so special and lovely to associate with the day that my mother passed.

In a less serious and more hilarious note, a young man saw me walk out of the midwife center ans started a friendly conversation that ultimately ended with, "so are you married or anything?" I had to smile. "Yes, honey. Didn't you notice I just came out of the midwife center? I'm pregnant." His response was a slow & surprised "daaaamn!"

Happy 2011

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New years resolutions tend to be genuine intentions to improve oneself that don't actually see much follow through. I like to reserve those sorts of intentions for my long term work towards Self Actualization (I am being a little facetious here). When I was 13 and I vowed to stop reading Dear Abby as my New Year's Resolution. Now that's a resolution worth keeping. Happy New Year Folks!