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Sick days

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It stinks to use sick days for real illness! Well, frankly, it stinks to be pregnant and ill.
Many drugs to alleviate symptoms or to heal are off limits.

In other news, our crocuses and daffodils are starting to come up because it has been so nice out lately. Unfortunately it is supposed to be below freezing again shortly. I do hope our flowers survive the cold.
My brain is a bit fuzzy, it's challenging to be witty or even coherent. Time for a nap!


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I am training to compete in a one mile swim at the end of February. When I first found out I was pregnant I found myself feeling similar to a Mama whale, taking my baby for a swim in the pool. Swimming is great pregnant person exercise, and I love it. I do have to make sure that I bring water, and to eat plenty before swimming, and also to bring snacks for right after. Last week I had to stop swimming early because I was just SO hungry!

I also find myself reverting to childlike eating habits (no, I'm not eating with my fingers...much). For example, I don't like sauce on my pasta, don't really like meat much, and I find myself having to remember to chew. I'm not kidding! I will be eating a banana or some mashed potatoes and realize that I have food sitting in my cheek pockets and what in the world happened that I forgot to keep chewing? Weird!

I have been able to get almost all my maternity clothes without having to shop (which I Abhor). Now we are looking into things like cloth diapers vs disposable and which type...
I am very much looking forward to being a stay at home mom!
below is a pic of our first sonogram.
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