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I am training to compete in a one mile swim at the end of February. When I first found out I was pregnant I found myself feeling similar to a Mama whale, taking my baby for a swim in the pool. Swimming is great pregnant person exercise, and I love it. I do have to make sure that I bring water, and to eat plenty before swimming, and also to bring snacks for right after. Last week I had to stop swimming early because I was just SO hungry!

I also find myself reverting to childlike eating habits (no, I'm not eating with my fingers...much). For example, I don't like sauce on my pasta, don't really like meat much, and I find myself having to remember to chew. I'm not kidding! I will be eating a banana or some mashed potatoes and realize that I have food sitting in my cheek pockets and what in the world happened that I forgot to keep chewing? Weird!

I have been able to get almost all my maternity clothes without having to shop (which I Abhor). Now we are looking into things like cloth diapers vs disposable and which type...
I am very much looking forward to being a stay at home mom!
below is a pic of our first sonogram.
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