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Grown Up Food!

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I'm so excited to be eating grown up food again. I went to tea w/ Alana and was able to eat like an adult. I am looking forward to some fine Italian cuisine this evening (homemade pasta!) and I am eating the crust of my sandwiches now. I feel like I understand the finicky nature of early childhood eating again. We'll see how long that lasts, as I prepare food for my child/ren.

I do not like green eggs & ham

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Our little chili pepper is about 18 weeks old (I'm 20 weeks). Hearing has developed and I am reading Green Eggs & Ham to our bean sprout almost every evening. Studies show that a rhythmic rhyming story read repeatedly in utero can be recognized by the baby outside the womb, and may soothe the baby when they hear it read by the same voice they heard in the womb. While this is all a bit speculative, reading to the wee one helps me feel maternal and connected to our chili pepper.
Green Eggs & Ham is an appropriate book for pregnancy. I can relate to the big guy who is sure that he doesn't like green eggs & ham. I rarely know what I will actually enjoy eating these days, so I generally stick to what I know has been edible. I find now that I cannot eat large quantities anymore. I get full quickly, though I become hungry again more frequently. As Lucy put it, things are starting to get crowded.