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Boppy vs My Brest Friend*

I initially refused to even look at the 'My Brest Friend' because the name is SO ridiculous! I find that the Boppy is easier to remove, wash & replace the cover. However, the My Brest Friend pillow is much better in many ways. First, it provides an elevated surface so that Baby's head is raised while eating. This essentially allows you to feed hands free. It also supports your back while nursing. I was gifted the Friend pillow when I complained of sore wrists from holding my heavy baby while nursing & it has been helpful in alleviating that pain. It also has a pocket. It is too bad the pocket has such strong velcro- it wakes a sleeping baby & distracts an older baby. Another downside is that you buckle yourself in- which can make quick transitions a little tricky. The Boppy can be used as a pillow for babies to sit in or lean over as they get older, I find that my babe is not interested in that at all.

*The reality is that in most cases, a normal pillow slid under your elbow/babe's head will do just fine. Also, a rocking glider with arm rests & padding is ideal for nursing. My Pediatricians have one in their office & it provides nice arm support & makes standing up with babes in arms easier than a standard couch or lazyboy. It is also a very cozy chair that enables Mom to rest during those early months when Baby wants to feed often during the night. These rocker gliders are SO comfortable.

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