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Mara's Pregnant Belly

Here are the long awaited photo of her pregnant belly. Yes, she really is pregnant. (Shall I wait while you go get a magnifying glass?)

Isn't being a mother fun? Yes! It is! And being a Gramma (or in my case, Nannie) is even more fun!


well she is certainly looking beautiful and radiant. and burgeoning in more places than one. is that too cheeky to say in public?

lvoe from leial

I agree with Leila ... I only hope I'm as beautiful a pregnant woman when it's MY time!

I agree with Leila, too!

Your boobs are HUGE!

Heh heh, no, Leila, it's not to cheeky to say in public.

Yeah it is too 'cheeky', as you both say, in public or in blogs. Being pregnant is sacred,while the rest of us seem somewhat 'amused'...I agree with Crystal. Mara is beautiful in her pregnancy as she is in other states of being......

Geez, guys, Leila was referring to my EARS.

Hahahaha! Love it. Can't wait to see you so soon, Mara!

Oh my dear goodness Mara...you're so...sexy. Pregnancy befits you, as Leila says...in more ways than one. And yes....you do have a belly. Wow. you look...ab-so-lu-tely beautiful.

hey i am too sacred about it! as well as happy for how stunning mara's looking! especially after feeling so bad, physically, for so long.

i've done my tears and my breathless, tentative touching and holding of the belly, and i pray for that golden nugget, the wise and wonderful parents, and the strong and loving grandparents too! SO THERE.

i have never used so many exclamation points in a comment. perhaps ever.

love from leila

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