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The Report of My Death Has Been Grossly Exaggerated. --Mark Twain


I know that the news that I have been posting lately has been rather dire, but I want to reassure you that I am fine. No, make that Fine! I truly haven't felt better in a long time. As you can see from the above picture, I really am the picture of health. (My Hospice nurse even says so!) Mara and I got out hairs cut yesterday, hence the photo. And we walked to the appointment for the exercise. It was such a lovely day, as is today, again. Thank you, El Nino.

If the weather is still nice tomorrow, I will go out into the yard and do some 'Fall Clean-up' (meaning I should have already done it.) I need to cut back the mums, the raspberries, and, is this a good time to trim the roses?

I would do these things today, but we are hosting Feast. And, as usual, I have made it a potluck. Why do I do that? It is more work, but I really enjoy the community getting together for a meal. Of course, I don't want to do all the cooking, so I ask others to contribute -- hence the pot luck. But what inevitably happens is that I think of one thing I want to cook, then another, and another, just to make sure the meal will be well rounded, and the next thing you know, I've made dinner for 10. Again. This time I'm making chicken adobo, rice (to put under the chicken), salad (you have to have your green veggies) and serving (Gramma and the church ladies made it) a nut roll. Plus what Cindy will bring, plus what Donna will bring, plus what Julie will bring.

I have been working hard these last two months to catch up on the last 25 years or so of not house cleaning. It has been driving me nuts that the 'kids' have all moved out and yet I was still feeling crammed into my house! That is ridiculous! So Mara and I have been working hard to sort, pitch, package and generally, make room. We did the front room, my desk (!), some other spaces, including spots in my bedroom. Rachael joined the effort and the three of us worked on my corner of the basement. Wow! We are not quite done down there yet, but what a difference! Daddy just removed the desk and is going to paint the walls and the floor. I can't wait! And it hasn't been all work, no play, either.
welcome back.jpg
I washed all the letters and found this great space for our message center.

Here are some of our Christmas photos for those of you who weren't there. We missed you.
Christmas 1.jpg
Jaci was very sociable this year. She is turning into a person. Very nice.

Christmas 2.jpg
Of course, she was very happy Rachael was there.

Some of us enjoyed it more than others. No, it would be better to say that some of enjoyed it differently than others.

Gramma & Gene.jpg
Gramma and Uncle Gene were looking good. Daddy helped Gramma buy a new car yesterday. Oh, and we got a new car on Tuesday! I will post, but not today.

Gramma brought Grampa and he did very well. He took a nap when he first arrived. We ate dinner while he slept, then he ate (our traditional pork and farina dumplings, compliments of Uncle Thom and Aunt Barbara), then we all opened our gifts.

Mara & Mark.jpg
Aren't they cute? (I think so.)

meddling maman.jpg
I finished sewing together the Mommy Snug and Mara tried it on. I was setting them up for a 'shot', and this was actually better than the shot.

Whole gang.jpg
And, yes, Aunt Barbara was there, too. She was a bit camera shy, but Uncle Thom got her. Oh, no, that was a Mark picture. To be honest, I didn't take any of these photos. And then my camera ran out of juice.

Next post: Update on the house next door and car photos. And maybe others, too. Who knows where life will lead me?


Hooray, happy Christmas! I'm so happy to see everything here! A new car! you didn't inherit the van, did you?

No, Uncle Gene got the van. We got a 2001 Buick Regal. It is cushy enough for Daddy and almost small enough for me. I like it. It really is a cussshy car. Jasper Green Pearl.

What great pictures! So nice to see you appearing so well! I'll be honest, when I saw you in November, I was saddened by the thought that that may have been "it". (And I'm sorry if that sounds morbid.) As long as you keep posting, my hope remains strong that next time John and I are in OH, I'll be able to see you again! On another note ... I made the Stuff 'n Clutter for our New Years Eve party .... wow. It's Sooooo Good!! a cup of bacon fat and 3/4 lbs. of butter? My mother in law once said "nobody ever died of butter". No, really, she did! When butter tastes that good.... :) Thank you again!!!!!

And your mother in law, she is still alive, right? I mean, it would be horrible if she had 'died of butter' in the meantime. I suppose one could cut the butter and bacon fat in half and it would still have the flavor. But it is good, isn't it? Not exactly diet food.

Yes, I November, I thought it might be 'it', too, but it doesn't seem to be. My friend who works for Hospice says, I still have work to do. Don't know what, but something. For one thing, I have a grandbaby to greet. And hold. Is there any hope you can make it for a shower in Feb? You should be receiving an invitation in the mail soon.

I am so happy/grateful/hopeful! One of the things that made me sad more than most of the other things was that, there was the thought that you wouldn't be able to enjoy your grandbaby! Remember at M&M's wedding, you said that you were going to have "such beautiful grandchildren"? This baby is going to be absolutely beautiful -- on so many diffent levels! Regarding the shower -- I wouldn't miss it! Do you have my address? If not, you could just send me an email. :)

(and yes, Martha's still aroung ... she didn't 'die of butter'.) :)

We got it. You're on the list. I'm not sure when Rae is sending them. End of this month or so?

Stephanie, that sounds great ... can you send me the date now, though, and I'll schedule the time off from work.

Rumors of my lion have been greatly exaggerated.

Lions of my death have been greatly exaggerated!

Don't burn your lions before you cross them!

Speak of the lion and he shall appear.

A lion in need is a lion, indeed.

What is to give light must endure lions.

Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'lion'

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single lion.

Read my lips, No New Lions!

“An army of asses led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by an ass” (George Washington)

Thanks for playing Mensch:)

Ma- I love the title.

I mean
Thanks for playing, Mensch:)

I mean, who else could play Mensch?

I've often been told that Josh Hartnet could double for me in a pinch. I don't think so, though.

Mensch, I agree.


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