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I Promised

I promised, myself mostly, that I would post this weekend. A bit of this and that:
I saw my onc on Tuesday, and once again, I am doing fine. I still have some pain, but he doesn't seem to think it is the cancer advancing. So, what am I dealing with? Could be adhesions, so I just keep on doing the best I can and try not to worry.

I've been busy at work, well, that sort of goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway. Why? Well, I am supposed to be cutting back on my hours and now I have overtime. Oops! Next week, I'll take time off. One good thing, for those of you who are familiar, I have finally finished proofing the Guide. 'Nuff said!

Knitting: I should be posting some photos. So I will.

This is a pair of socks I knit for a friend of mine in Columbus. She also has pancreatic cancer and is still undergoing chemotherapy. She commented that the chemo makes her cold and that she wears her husband's wool socks to keep her feet warm. I thought she might like a pair of purrty socks of her own to keep her feet warm, so I knit them out of some lovely purple Trekking XXL. I like them so much that I am knitting a pair for myself. Slightly different yarn, but same pattern.

And this is my "knitting jewelery". Isn't it beautiful? Kristen made them for me. (For you non-knitters, they are place markers. You slip them on the needle to mark either the beginning, the middle or whatever you want to keep track of.) I just loved them against the really great yarn. They make me want to knit only in purple!

Books: Since my surgery gave me time to sit and read, well, I did. And now that I am back to work, I am still. Daddy goes to work at around 9:30 and I go to bed and read for about half an hour. (So don't call after 9:30. I'll be in bed and I don't want to get up.) Well, I'd like to tell you about some of the books I have read lately. I read The History of Love by Nichole Kraus. Very good, if a bit confusing at first. It was so good that I wanted to start back at the beginning, but I refrained because I wanted the book club to read it with me. We will be discussing it Oct 20th. Last month we read (at my suggestion) Three Bags Full - a murder mystery solved by sheep. Sound quirky? Yes, that is how I am coming to be known in the book club -- suggester of quirky books. And there is one more, The Face of a Naked Lady. Again, quirky. And very good. It is a family memoir, though very different from another one I also read - A Family Romance. Interesting, but not nearly as good a The Face of a Naked Lady. I also read Final Exam by Pauline Chen. Very interesting. (Jude, you must read this one!)

On to movies. Uncle Claude gave me a subscription to Netflix to recover with. I suppose I'm not fully recovered because I haven't given up my subscription. I have gotten hooked on quirky (yes, it rears it's ugly head again!) Australian movies. It started with The Dish, a story about the space race. Funny, touching and unexpected. Then I watched Muriel's Wedding. Okay, but it had gotten some aclaim in the US, so not such a discovery. Then Daddy and I watched Strictly Ballroom. Funny, touching and wonderful. Maybe I should find out who the directors are (or are they all by the same guy?) and see if I can find more.

Anyway, that is all for this week. I expect to be in Columbus next weekend visiting my little Li-Lu. Oh, and his parents. No, really, we are going to go visit the whole family. I've missed my little Liam the Lima bean! So if you don't hear from me for a week or two, that's okay.

A bientot.


Thanks for the update. I'm also looking forward to reading now that I'll have some down time during the day as children rest/nap/ I'm having truble finishing all the non fiction I've started! I'm about 60 pages into four different books. . .

Thanks for the update. I'm also looking forward to reading now that I'll have some down time during the day as children rest/nap/ I'm having truble finishing all the non fiction I've started! I'm about 60 pages into four different books!

That is, of course, if they both take naps - and at the same time. ;-) Is today your first day?!?!

Oh, and there is another book I forgot to mention! Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez. I LOVED it! Kristen, I think you would especially like it too. Feisty American goes to Afghanistan and falls in love. Romping good read, a real page turner.

Oh, and Kristen, I had enough yarn to finish Cathy's socks and about a walnut size ball left over, even though I made them a little longer than for me. Pheww!

So, in order to 'reverse' your overtime, I think you should take off early on Friday to head down to visit us! And I hear there is an ethnic costume party on Friday for the Birth of the Bab . . . (no, no commitments) :-)

Actually, I was thinking of doing just that. What time should we be there? I may have worked a bunch of hours, but I am still behind for this point in the year because I only charged half-time (20 hr/wk) while I was out for surgery.

By the way, these socks really don't show the true color of these socks. For some reason, my camera doesn't do purple well. When I knit Mara's Mommy Snugglie, I just couldn't get it to not look much bluer than it actually is. Same with the socks. And I feel like the color should show as much deeper.

Better late than never! (. . right?. . )


Truly adore the socks. I admire how many, many cable twists are in your socks. They reek of determination and tenacity in my opinion, but that may have something to do with my thoughts on these sorts of cables. I'm also sorry to see the color distortion. It seems so unfortunate that your camera of the millions would struggle with purple, oh you who loves it enough to put it in your hair. And, you know, you can knit an i-pod cozy with about a walnut worth of yarn. I have one in that colorway and love it.

Thanks for the book recommendation. I've been seeking some out lately. Maybe I'll hit up our library and see if they have it. :)

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