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I'm in Love, I'm in Love, I'm in Love . . .

I'm in love with the most wonderful guy!


"See? I can sit up all by myself!"


"From way up here, you all look like little ants!"


"With Goompa, I can fly!"


"Oh, dear! Was it something I said?"


"What is Nannie whispering in my ear?"


"Boy, are grandparents exhausting or what? I just can't keep my eyes open anymore!"

Pictures are worth thousands of words! Isn't he wonderful? I had the hardest time dragging myself away.


I love the way he's clutching your sweater while he sleeps. Precious.

Liam, appreciate this now while it lasts. Women get a lot more demanding as you get older - they will NOT be impressed that you can sit up by yourself! ;-)

Did you knit him that sweater hat combo? It's so Cute!

Yes 'um. (That's short for yes, ma'am.)

Oh, he is growing up without me now! I miss Liam. (pouty lip)

Me too. (matching pouty lip!)

He is really too handsome. Good looks, and such a charming personality. Good Lord, it's a double-threat.

I've never even met the kid and I want to smooch that perfect little face.

"Nathan's friend", I second your thoughts!! I haven't met him yet either ... and I can't wait to smooch that little face either! Hopefully they'll be in Mentor at Christmas time so I can finally meet him! :)

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