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and the good news is . . .

I passed the DPD test, which means I do have the enzyme necessary to catalyze the 5-FU and get it out of my system. We got this news on Wednesday afternoon so I took my first pill on Thursday. I am on a dose of 500 mg once daily. The desired therapeutic dose is 12 of these a day. So, as you can see, I am on a much reduced dose in the hopes that it will minimize the side effects.

Within 2 hours my nose started to run. Coincidence? Maybe. Then I had diarrhea during the night. Unheard of? Not really, but out of the ordinary. I didn't take a pill on Friday. Last night during the night my foot started to itch. This morning (after I had taken my dose) I checked and sure enough, a blister on the bottom of my right foot. That one is from the Xeloda, even if the others are not. They have also started me on a steroid, and now my face is flushed and itchy. Jude from Hospice will be here on Tuesday, so I can check with her.

And they are coming to deliver the new windows on Monday.


so...you are going to or have stopped the drug- right? I mean, that is the same bad stuff as happened with this drug last time if I'm not mistaken.

It finally occurred to me that I could be writing to you about seeing Liam on a regular basis, that perfect boy. Of course MY perfect boy, the red-headed wonder, keeps beating up YOUR perfect boy and then he laughs like a, well, like a baby. I've tried telling him that his day is coming, that Liam will out-smart him or out-cute him or something. Does he listen? No, he just sings about Bob the Builder. All the boys and their moms and dads went sledding down the Kresge's hill last Saturday and then had hot cocoa. Then watched Toy Story. Then Toby beat Liam over the head again. And then Mark wanted to comfort Toby when he got the big "NO" from his grandma!
I'm STILL out of work (can you believe it?) and have lots of time for grandmothering. And writing!! So I should be writing more often.
hogs and quiches

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