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Dear friends of Stephanie

My mother is in the final days of her disease.

We'd like to thank you, the readers of her blog, who have buoyed her spirits, commiserated with her, made jokes, left comments, prayed from far away.

You made my mothers battle easier.

When she was diagnosed with stage 3 type 4 pancreatic cancer two and a half years ago, we never imagined that we had so much more time with her.

That time, every day of it, was a blessing.

Thank you for helping my mother live more richly.

To those of you who are currently living with cancer, keep your spirits up. My mother has some advice for you, but not quite yet.

My sister Mara, a more articulate writer than I, is keeping a journal of my mother's final days on her blog, here.

We'll read comments to my mother for as long as she wants to hear them.

We're very grateful to all the people who have helped out. It's a long list, from famous cancer bloggers like Leroy Sievers to my mother's closest lifelong friends to my Gramma to the Bahai's of the Greater Cleveland area to her brothers to my best friend's mother.

The outpouring of support has been humbling.

Thank you; the world is full of angels.


Stephanie-It was beautiful for us to have the chance to see you on Sunday. I feel sure that some day our paths will cross again and it will be glorious!!
With lots of warmth and love in our hearts,
Kathy and Kelly

Nathan, thank you for this. Stephanie ... much love to you. Peace to all.

Steph and family,
Thank you so much for letting me share a few moments with you. I feel so blessed to have had that time and to wish you peace on your next journey. May the wonderful memories of such a beautiful person keep all of you wrapped in strength.
Barb Van Epps

Opps, did I do that...(remember these)

Stephanie....and the rest of your gang.

Although I have not been by to see you, I think about you often. We have shared so many emails (and stories over the years). I am glad that I got to know you and your kids. I wish your family the strength as they watch you face your next journey. You have given us a great friendship to remember. You have given many people the strength to go on.

By the way, cute picture!

Liz Sartain -the change and cancel person~!

Hi Stephanie and Family -

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stephanie - I thank you for friendship and sharing Liam with me when he came to visit. You told me several times that you were going to be a Grandma someday, and how right you were !! What a beautiful Grandson you have and how lucky your Grandson is to have you for a Grandma!


Dear Stephanie,
You will always be in my heart. I will miss your physical presence at family events, your off the cuff jokes and comments.You and Dusty have raised a wonderful family.You've never hidden your head in the sand even with this awful disease. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU.It saddens me that God wants you at this time-but I know you'll shake up that next realm as you did this realm. You are a wonderful person who has touched so many lives. If your children ever need anything I'll be their for them.
Love and Peace,

Dear Dornbrook family - what an amazing and wonderful group of people you are. You get it from your mother and father with no doubt. You do not know me but I have come to know Stephanie and later, many of you through the wonders of the internet. Stephanie has given me courage, peace, determination, consolation and appreciation as I walk my own walk with the big C. Of course we "met" on Leroy's amazing blog. None of you have been far from my thoughts these last many days. I am sure that there are many, many others like me who hold you close in our hearts as you cherish your remaining earthly days together. For Stephanie, I hope you know what a huge difference you have made to others - both seen and unseen. Godspeed. Peggy from MN

I will never forget, a few summers back, going to Ruhi with you, and coming over often to hang out with Mendon at your house. I am very grateful that I was able to get to know you a little bit that summer--not only do I have little happy memories, like delicious dinners you invited me to stay for and picking cherries from the tree in your yard, but (as to so many others) you were and still are a positive role model for me, from your attitudes to your actions to your spirituality. Thank you--for being you.
My heart and mind are with your family,

Stephanie, you will be in my heart forever.
Kathy Sharber

Dear Dusty and family:

I don't know if you'll remember me or not. Stephanie and I first met eleven years ago at the Women's Center when I became the editor of the Center's quarterly newsletter and the Resource Guide. (And our last "official visit" was at Carrie Humphrey's wedding last year.) Stephanie has been a wonderful friend and mentor and I'll always remember the comaraderie and her sense of humor as we worked together trying to produce each year's Guide. Oh, the laughs we had...and the frustrations. But it was wonderful and as the saying goes, "those were the days..."

Tonight was a birthday party for our friend Libba. There, I was thrilled to see not only Merry and Gloria who shared with me the current news about my friend. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with Stephanie as she makes her way through this final journey and also with you. She has always been so proud of all of you and I know she is today for all you are doing. It is easy to see why such love and pride was reflected in her eyes as she updated me on all of your activities. No mother could have been prouder!

Pleae give Stephanie my love and prayers and a hug. Even though I've not been the best about staying in touch, I have thought of her often and you all have been in my prayers.

God's blessings,

love to all,
Donna McNamee

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