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Funeral Services

Funeral Services for Stephanie Dornbrook will be held at Brunner Funeral Home in Mentor, at 8466 Mentor Avenue, today, the 7th of January, 2008.

Visitation begins at 12:30p.m.
Services begin at 1:00p.m.

We will go to the Mentor cemetary at 2:30p.m., then return to Brunner Funeral Home for a reception.


I'm deeply sorry I can be there. I hope all goes well today.

Sorry to hear of your loss. It is never the right time to be alone. Remember-----There are a lot of people out there who grieve with you. From a lung cancer patient who is fighting the battle.

To Stephanie's Family --- I was so saddened and heartbrokern to hear of Stephanie's passing. I to like many others did not know Stephanie personally only from the special on Discovery channel "Living with Cancer" and from NPR - Leroy Sievers blog. Stephanie showed such grace, courage and strength. She was a lovely soul and I know is a huge loss for the family. For Stephanie's children unfortunately I too know what it is like to lose a parent to this ugly word cancer I lost my father from Lung cancer September 24, 2007 and still struggle with it as if it was yesterday which made your news all the more sad for me -- for you, her family. When I watched Living with Cancer with my dad Leroy and Stephanie were the two that made him change his view and get moving again atleast for awhile. Even after my father's passing I still continued and still continue to follow Leroys blog and everyday looked for Stephanie's comments and others there for inspiration. Everyday they make it through is just another stab at cancer everyday when that miracle happens or someone gets better news or good news is just a stab back at cancer and I hope these days continue for all until there is a cure for everyone. Cancer is never easy on anyone. I was my fathers caregiver and all I can say is that your caregiving will give you comfort from time to time knowing you were there for your mom and doing what you could to make her life more normal, worth living, and enjoyable at such a time of unknown and fear. Take one day at a time and be patient, be forgiving, be understanding, be loving, be kind to yourselves the way you were with your mom (And Dustin as you were with your wife). It's just not easy not easy at all like Leroy said: there's never a right time for them to die, no matter old, young, illiness, sudden or expected they are just missed so much. May Stephanie rest in peace. To honor Stephanie's life and her brave fight and my dad's and all of you before and to all of Leroy's bloggers and bloggers at this site, caregivers and family members stay encouraged, take care, and continue to support and love one another through this horrible loss and for all the days to come you guys have another angel up there on your side. I am so sorry for Stephanie's loss. With empathy and love, Cori Swanson

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