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Amazing smiliarities

Let me tell you, this has been a year of discovery, I've been in the US for over 9 months now spending some time with my family, getting to know them at least a little bit better, analyzing with an older than 15 year old mind, which is how old I was the last time I was here.
I have come to a conclusion, I am like my family, and Im talking beyond the physical features, yeah, I most definetly have the D nose, haha! I mean, my personality is divided into little pieces and finds a match on different members of both sides.
The most amazing part is that I've lived in different country, with a different culture all my life, yet DNA finds a way to store some info on how Im supposed to react to situations and my sorroundings finding solutions that are put together with a reason that is alien to the local way of reasoning, in other words, I have always been a different kind of frog down there, and not only because my name is Rahmat and not Pedro or Jose, and not only because I am over 6 ft tall, blonde and look like a tourist who lives with his tourist accented parents, but because of how I was in terms of behaviour and personality.

There is most definetly and exterior energy that drives us, even though we are far from each other we are connected and in some way, we are similar.

Maybe I took some of each of you when I went back home after every visit, maybe its just Mom and Dad that influenced me, but I have to say, I never really spent much time with my parents, we where always adventurous and shared time with other people. I stayed for days at friends houses, was never at home, and when I was we didnt talk much, everybody was busy doing their own thing, yet, the feeling that Zayn and I had was that we never fit that society, I think Zayn ended up adapting to the culture better than I did, he can now say he fits, he is definetly Argentinian. But I feel like I dont fit on either side, Im just a strange mix.
This has been a tough test for my brother and me for years, he hated to be different and I just wanted to be normal, to fit, but ended up enjoying the fact that I was different, I was the king of the crowd, and my name has been the best ice breaker of all times, "whats your name again? and where is that from? where are you from?" we looked different and our friends didnt like to come to our house because they couldnt find anything local in our fridge, or where overwhelmed by Moms energy and Dads wisdom so greatly that they just had to leave.

The similarities are amazing, I am lightminded, my mind soares into la la land a lot, I am a snot, I want to hang out with smart people, I love food, all kinds, as long as it tastes good and always think about if its healthy or not, I like to go off talking like Im the smartest fella in the room when Im not and it doesnt matter to the person in front of me, I like to party now that I left my house and can do that with no remorse, I have a strong sense of spirituality and feel a connection with God and am agnostic jsut because I think people screw up the true objective of religions and start competing to see who is the best at praying, I am lonely because Im a different type of cat, I am constantly trying to please people because I like to make them happy but that never succeeds, I am sensitive to things that are not on the surface and understand that there is far more than what we see.

I am part of my family no matter how far I am and I am slowly starting to feel complete, for the first time.


You know, Rahmat, I've always felt a strong affinity for you. I don't feel as strongly about my other cousins. I feel less that you are a cousin and more that you are a brother. Perhaps it's the mutuality of our experience. We were both raised by Baha'i parents. Perhaps it's genetics. More likely its a solid combination of both. If you look at my siblings and you and Zayn, I see a lot of strong resemblances (as well as between you and I). But, also, especially the Dornbrooks that include my parents and my siblings, we're relatively international, always a little bit of fishes out of water wherever we are.

Part of what you have experienced is the product of being a child outside the culture. I felt the same thing growing up with a French mother. Only now, some 30 years later, do I feel like I understand America.

Go read "Third Culture Kids" - if I am one in a small way, you are one in a big way. It'll really help you understand even more why you are a fish out of every water. Don't worry - easy read. :-) Definitely, definitely worth it - especially as a parent.

I have to say- I was a little suprised you didn't enjoy station agent as much as I did. Perhaps it is the type of movie that needs specific movie watching mates. We have actuallly ordered it again to watch it with a pal this week. Each character is so well thought out. I love it. I do see how it might appear slow going. But talk about being a fish out of water! That poor Finn has never been in water at all- which is why it is so foreign to him.

I think Finn had it far worse than I did, because I may be a fish out of the pond culture wise, he was out of the pond because of prejudice. I liked the movies photography in some parts and the cool elements that added value like the trains, but it just didnt "go" anywhere, there was no problem to be solved, there was no storyline and I just like that type of storytelling in info packed documentaries.

Hey, Rahmat!

We've kind of always been apart, different somehow.

I don't mind. It means we're playing a different game. We go and do things other people idly dream about, like live in other countries for years - just like you're doing now.

Merry Christmas!

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